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We are Studio Atro

A branding and design studio based in Melbourne, working with brands to build great ideas that mesmerise, are distinctive and everlasting.

‘Atro’ is derived from the Greek word ‘ατρόμητος’, which translates to fearless. Fearlessness is at the centre of our ethos – we dare to innovate, think outside the box and push boundaries to create unique targeted solutions that both communicate and inspire.

We believe good ideas and great design can have a powerful impact. While driven by passion and steered by creativity, our aim is to generate specific solutions that have both meaning and influence.

Whilst we are located in Melbourne, our reach stretches worldwide, with the expertise to tackle projects of all shapes and sizes. All our clients share a common goal – to overcome challenges, embrace change and sway the world. We share that same goal.


Naming Generation

Brand Identity Design

Print and Publication

Website Design


Wayfinding and Signage